Writers aren't exactly people, they're a lot of people trying to be one person. F.Scott Fitzgerald

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Manuscript Revision Intimadation!

Does you manuscript intimidate you? Do you sit down and tremble with fear at the thought of massive rewrites, fixing scenes you have repeated,finding and correcting errors you have made in descriptions of your characters or writing a great scene that is totally out of character for them?
Have you ever written yourself and or your characters into a corner and can't figure out how to write yourself and your characters out of it.Sort of like painting yourself into a corner and having to wait until the paint dries before you can escape.
If you don't and never have,you probably aren't a writer and you won't understand what on earth I am talking about.For those of you who are nodding your head in total understanding, just curious, contemplating writing the great next novel,or have been working on another or your first manuscript, this blog is geared for you.
I have been writing novels for six or seven years now.I am not published yet,but my latest work in progress,"Evolution of Monsters" just might be," The One"!
This novel started out as a"just for fun" serial story on my blog.Somewhere along the wayI fell in love with the unique concept,the characters,and telling the story. A light bulb clicked in my writers brain and I realized it needed to be a novel.That was the beginning of my woes.
I copied and pasted the stories into a new document and I was on my way to writing a new manuscript that I was really excited about.Little did I know how this one manuscript would affect me. For months I sat in front of my laptop and worked to weave a cohesive manuscript out of these pages of a serial blog story. I rewrote scenes,deleted scenes,revised scenes,and worked to weave a new full length story out of pages of short serial blog stories.
I revised,deleted,wrote new material,fleshed out scenes,added new characters and weaved a new story out of the original serial bog story.
Six months passed and I was bogged down with scenes that didn't work,repetitions of scenes written in a different way,timelines that didn't work,new material that didn't flow,etc.etc!
After almost a year of the most frustrating writing experience I have ever had, I began to avoid even looking at the icon on my laptop for E.V.O.M.
Merely seeing the icon on my computer screen turned the blood in my veins to ice water.I didn't just have a case of writer's block, after a few days I could not even force myself to open my document and even avoided even looking at the icon on my desktop as though it had the plague.
After a few months, I opened the document and stared at the prologue until I felt steady enough to scroll through with the intent to revise,delete,rewrite as needed.After an hour of reading through the manuscript with the intent to rewrite,revise,and delete as needed,I closed the document and walked away.
That was probably the beginning of the longest and blackest moments in my writing career and sadly it continues into this new year of 2012.This is the first time in more than a year that I have confronted the issue head on.Maybe this post is my way of exorcising the demons so I can begin again. I still love the concept,the characters and the story.Now I hope that I will begin to love writing the story again.
I know it won't be an easy fix,but I am a writer and I can do this.I can conquer the ball of ice in my belly and pounding of my heart whenever I sit down and start to open the document.
Writers can't not write and I am not going to be intimidated by a story that I created.I still believe it is a damned good story and I will do whatever it takes to finish it.
That being said,I think that I'll go clean house or maybe do a bit of shopping and start tomorrow.One more day won't hurt. After all,as Miss Scarlet said."I won't think about that now.I'll think about that tomorrow.After all,tomorrow is another day!"