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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Heartbreaking events for a Mother!

The most heartbreaking thing a mother can experience is to lose a child or have to stand by and watch your child experience a heartbreaking event with her own child.Your grown child doesn't have to lose a child to death to experience that awful feeling of having your her heart break.Losing a court battle to keep your child in your home to a soon to be ex- husband can be almost as agonizingly heartbreaking as having a child die.Adding another layer of pain in that moment is watching the other side gloat over their victory.
As the mother of the adult child and grandmother of the six year old,it breaks your heart on two levels;watching helplessly as you child's heart breaks and the gut wrenching pain of knowing there is nothing you can do to help except listen and be supportive when she needs you.
The ultimate loser in every divorce and custody battle is always the young child.I admire my daughter for her strength during a very painful court process even if the outcome was not in our favor,she did come out with new rulings that allow her more time with her daughter and that will offset much of the pain of not having her daughter living with her.
Time will take care of the living arrangements as my granddaughter will be able to choose for herself whom she wants to live with.For now,my daughter can focus on getting her degree and enjoy the increased time with her daughter.For now that will have to be enough and women are stronger and can withstand a lot more pain than men.I am proud of my daughters accomplishments and her amazing strength.She is an incredible young woman!

Saturday, May 19, 2012


There are times when you just sit and wonder what is life all about.Then there are those flashes when your past,present, and future crowd around you all clamoring to tell you what it all means and why.Well, I am here to tell you the real truth.We are not meant to know! Oh, we will flashes of insight at times and go AHA,so that is why that happened or YES,I understand it all now.That happened that way so this would happen and that would take place so I would be able to meet this person and accomplish this so that person would come into my life and I could help them do that.
Do I believe the true meaning of all that has happened will suddenly reveal itself to me?
I don't believe for one Nano second that any of us will know why,what or anything else about the meaning of our own life and why things happen the way they do while we are living this lifetime.I do believe that is in our highest and best interest not to know,because knowing would alter what we were put here to do and accomplish.