Writers aren't exactly people, they're a lot of people trying to be one person. F.Scott Fitzgerald

Monday, September 13, 2010

Moving day maybe and Guess I should be more specific in prayers.

Well tomorrow is possibly the day we start moving into the new rent house.Hopes are high to buy this place,but we'll see how things work out.We still have a lot of stuff to move out of storage. I believe Great Spirit put's me where I need to be. At least that's what I say in my prayers. I ask for the things that are in my highest and best interest to come to me. I think I should have been a little more careful in that prayer request. It seems that what Spirit deems in my best interest is not quite what I had in mine on this plane of existence. I was thinking more along the lines of good health,trim fit body,less wrinkles,more money and a really sexy love of my life man( think  Matthew Macfadyen as the powerful,rich,sensitive, Mr.Darcy in Pride and Prejudice. Six foot three,dark hair,blue eyes and gorgeous. Now that was what I was thinking and that is nowhere even near what I have been experiencing. I can only hope Great Spirit,God,whatever one chooses to call the Divine Being is saving the best for later. However;considering how fast time is flying,I'd really appreciate sooner than later or I won't be around.If there is a next life,I will be more specific.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Yet another move.

On September the 15th we will be moving into our new home.At least until the next move which I hope will be more than a few months away.Too many moves in my life.This will make number 25 in my 65 yrs.I never thought of myself as a nomad,even though I certainly have the genetic make up to be.Apparently my first traceable ancestor started somewhere around Egypt then migrated northwest toward Finland over to England settled and procreated in Ireland before moving on to the new world,America. Settled somewhere in North Carolina,procreated and headed west again to the Choctaw lands in Mississippi,married,procreated and moved east to Texas and finally settled in Arkansas,procreated, then up and moved again to Louisiana where they procreated and I was born of that union.So I suppose that explains my itchy feet every Fall season and my desire to purchase and live in an RV and travel around,living in a place for awhile then moving on until I feel the need to settle in one place. What is that one place,you ask? I hope I will know it when I find it. If not,I suppose my home and I will just keep traveling until we make that final journey. I do help Heaven covers a lot of territory  for me and my RV to travel.I suppose I am a bit of a nomad after all. Between you and me,I'd planned to live in a nice home on our farm in Rayville,Louisiana for my entire life.Seems life had other plans for me.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day

      Labor Day in the 40's to 60's announced the official end of the lazy days of summer.At least it did in the small town in northeast Louisiana where I grew up. Backyard BBQ's, a day at the beach,neighbor hood block parties were common and enjoyed.This day portended the mostly dreaded beginning of  another school year. New school clothes were usually bought and hanging ominously in closets and tucked away in dresser drawers. New shoes pinched feet used to the bliss of being bare.School supplies waited patiently in backpacks.Bicycles tires were aired and ready for the dreaded trip to the local schoolyard.parents were grinning an obsessive amount and kids,not so much. Bullies anticipated finding new victims or harassing the old. Girls picked out their prettiest outfits and boys growled at the stiffness of their new jeans and the starch in their shirts.Teachers girded their loins for yet another new group of rowdy children trying to make it through yet another year  until summer. Few children,except for the nerds, actually admitted liking school. Most were glad to renew friendships, make new friends and  discuss our summers,at least until the dreaded words out of the teachers mouth.
        "Settle down and write a paper on what you did this summer. We'll read them out loud when you are finished. Tomorrow we'll have a math test to see how much you forgot over the summer.
       That's when you knew summer was really over!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Do two parents raise a healthier child and would you like a do over?

       I just watched a movie about a grieving father trying to raise his two sons alone. Now,he does the best he can and makes lot's of mistakes. Good lord, two parents raising their children make a lot of mistakes,but the difference is they have someone to watch their back. Children need two parents.Preferably a father and a mother.I think they need the balance of male and female energy. I'm not saying two same sex parents can't raise healthy,happy children. I firmly believe children are emotionally and mentally healthier and better able to cope with life when they have a mentally healthy,emotionally mature mother and father as role models raising them.
    That being said, I had neither.I had a mentally ill,alcoholic,war veteran for a father and a bitter emotionally distant mother until I was eleven.Then my mother married her wealthy boss and spent the next twenty five years of her life basking in her prestige and home full of expensive possessions.
    I grew up in the midst of this household,dearly loved by my stepfather and basking in his attention.I learned possessions,wealth,prestige meant everything. Then I married a stocker in a grocery store,because he was gorgeous and drove a fancy car. Six years and two babies later I had only the two dependent babies and moved back home.I didn't know how to be poor again, raise two babies by myself or how to cope. I survived. I worked hard and remarried but I had no idea how to love, how to believe in love or how to be a giving partner.
   I ended up,having two more children,raising four children with the help of my husband and being fairly happy for twenty three years. Now I am alone,older and wiser when it is too late.. Would I have been better prepared and more emotionally stable with two loving mentally and emotionally stable parents? I think so,but I'll never know. It's a shame God doesn't give us a do over. Would I do better? I like to think so. Would you take a do over if you could?

Friday, September 3, 2010

password/account recovery nightmare

I do not claim to be computer savvy.However,I can usually get where I want and need to be.For the last few days I discovered I could not post on my own blog.It seems I misplaced in my memory files not only the email info,password,user account whatever magical information I need somewhere in cyber space.Catch 22 situation,one needs the old password to obtain a new password. I think you can see where this is headed.After a frustrating few days I have managed to stumble into this place. The good news is I can post this comment. The bad news is I have no idea how I got her or how I get back here again.This may be my last post until I stumble (by accident)into this place again.Wish me luck!