Writers aren't exactly people, they're a lot of people trying to be one person. F.Scott Fitzgerald

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Yet another move.

On September the 15th we will be moving into our new home.At least until the next move which I hope will be more than a few months away.Too many moves in my life.This will make number 25 in my 65 yrs.I never thought of myself as a nomad,even though I certainly have the genetic make up to be.Apparently my first traceable ancestor started somewhere around Egypt then migrated northwest toward Finland over to England settled and procreated in Ireland before moving on to the new world,America. Settled somewhere in North Carolina,procreated and headed west again to the Choctaw lands in Mississippi,married,procreated and moved east to Texas and finally settled in Arkansas,procreated, then up and moved again to Louisiana where they procreated and I was born of that union.So I suppose that explains my itchy feet every Fall season and my desire to purchase and live in an RV and travel around,living in a place for awhile then moving on until I feel the need to settle in one place. What is that one place,you ask? I hope I will know it when I find it. If not,I suppose my home and I will just keep traveling until we make that final journey. I do help Heaven covers a lot of territory  for me and my RV to travel.I suppose I am a bit of a nomad after all. Between you and me,I'd planned to live in a nice home on our farm in Rayville,Louisiana for my entire life.Seems life had other plans for me.

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