Writers aren't exactly people, they're a lot of people trying to be one person. F.Scott Fitzgerald

Sunday, September 25, 2011


WRITERS BLOCK to me is one of the worse ailments that can happen to a writer.I know there are worse things that can happen but this affliction is downright scary.No one can predict it,no one knows when it will strike,how long it will last, or how to cure it.
July 5th,2011,I was writing away in my latest WIP and closed down for the night.I was moving into my new apartment the next day and there was a lot of packing and coordinating the move with friends who volunteered to help. Two days later I was moved in and spent the entire day unpacking and setting up my new living space.
Finances were tight but they would get better after I recovered from all the usual moving expenses and setting up utilities,etc! I loved my new space and the senior complex was brand new and perfect for me.I was on the third floor and had a great view.Life was good.
I took a break from writing and concentrated on organizing and reorganizing my apartment,shopping for new stuff I needed and wanted until I had to stop due to a low bank balance and a need to just chill out.
I woke up on a rainy August morning and decided it was time to" sit my butt in chair" and return to my job as a writer.I sat down at my laptop and prepared to open my latest work in progress,Evolution of Monsters, a story I loved writing. Two hours later after jumping up numerous times to do other stuff that I decided needed tending to such as going to the grocery store,putting all the stuff away then rearranging the cabinets again, calling the cable company to make sure they were still coming out the next day and eating a late lunch.
I decided to sit down and rest for a bit and before I knew it, it was after five p.m. and time to fix dinner for myself and spend the rest of the evening writing.

At seven I sat down in my new computer chair in my newly arranged office nook and opened my WIP on the laptop. Twenty minutes later I stopped staring at the same scene I'd been reading and closed my it down.I was tired,it had been a long day,I'd get a fresh start tomorrow.At least that is what I told myself.

The next morning I read and answered my e-mails. Wrote an posted on my blog,watched television,read,went shopping and ignored the nagging voices of my muses and the characters in my neglected novel reminding me that my story was waiting for me to start writing again. Oh I would sit down and stare at the desk top icons where each of my novels,finished and unfinished waited for me to revise,polish or write new scenes.I did none of those things.

July eased into August,then September rushed in and I had not written a single new word in my novel.I wrote new blog posts so it wasn't writer's block,at least that is what I told myself.Oh I opened my manuscript and stared at the words on the screen acutely aware that I had written a single word in it since the end of June! A lifetime ago for a writer who had written new scenes in her works in progress almost every day since September of 2007. It was now September of 2011 and I had not written a single new word in any of my works in progress since July 5th of 2011.
A life time ago to a writer who had always loved to write.Why wasn't I writing? Too busy,still settling in,I would get back in the groove as soon as the shortage of money from the expense of the move and setting up a new residence was resolved.At least that was what I told muself evry time I sat down in front of my laptop and did busy work,then got up and tried not to feel guilty about not writing anything in my neglected novels.
Then a few days ago I sat down with the intention to write new scenes in my newest novel,Evolution of Monsters, and sat there staring at the last page I had written. After getting up and closing out the manuscript without writing a single new word, I finally stopped deluding myself and faced the truth,I was experiencing the dreaded "WRITER'S BLOCK" for the first time in my writing career. I had heard of it,but never experiencing it myself,I was naive enough to believe IT would never happen to me.Well it had and I would have to deal with it.
Today is September twenty-fifth,Two thousand eleven and I am not so arrogant or naive anymore.What I am is a writer and I can and will be the best writer I can be and continue to write and grow as a writer and hopefully soon a published author.

But first and most important of all in my recovery, is to take that first step and begin writing new words in my novel,Evolution of Monsters.

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