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Friday, February 22, 2013

What the ?

                  I woke up on December  16th 2013 and realized it was my birthday and I was now 69 years old! I showered,dressed,brushed my teeth and my hair,cleaned my apartment,took out the garbage,fed my fish and sat down with my Atkins shake,my daily breakfast,to watch my favorite television shows that I had recorded the night before.Around noon I went to Walmart,Dollar Tree, and Family Dollar, store to shop for groceries and personal items,shampoo,deodorant,etc.
                 Stopped at Wendy's and picked up two Apple Pecan Chicken Salads and a chocolate Frosty,to have for lunch and dinner the next day. After putting everything away, I listened to the happy birthday messages on the answering machine,from my family and friends,then read my happy birthday E-mails.
                That night  it really hit me that I really was 69 years old and I had outlived my parents,grandparents,and my only sister.Tears spilled down my cheeks as the memories of them and everyone else in my life,who had gradually left me,whether from death or as people do,they just drifted out of my life. I sat in my recliner and let the images of them and the memories all the people I had loved and lost drifted through my mind.
                I suppose that is when I realized just how blessed I have been in my 69 years to have had so many people in my life that loved me and whom I loved. Later that night,after I went to bed,I lay there and smiled as I drifted off to sleep,and decided that being 69 wasn't so bad after all.

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