Writers aren't exactly people, they're a lot of people trying to be one person. F.Scott Fitzgerald

Thursday, August 26, 2010


      I thought I would talk a bit about writing,since I aspire and strive to be not only a writer,but a great writer.Hey we can all hope and dream.I write romance suspense as a rule. Have two finished novels,the latest in the second rewrite. I have learned that writing the story is fairly easy,rewriting,editing and polishing is a BITCH!
     A week ago my daughter approached me about writing down the childhood fairy tales and short stories I made up and  told her at bedtime and turning them into a Children's book.Well, we sat down and with pen in hand I began to write.With some input from her,I began to create I began to create Fey characters living in a magical forest.Together we came up with  names of five characters and their general descriptions. She took that info and sketched pictures.
    For  two weeks now I have agonized over writing these simple stories. The idea is to write the stories so each is complete and take no more that five to fifteen minutes to read each separate story.There are five main characters.  POV varies with each story. Other Fey creatures will be introduced along the way.Each story ties into the other. They are made to be read to the younger children,the older child would be able to read them with minimal help with some words. Sounds simple doesn't it.
   OH MY GOD!! I had no idea how hard it would be to switch from writing a 150,000 word  novel to writing a a series of very short stories. I keep slipping into novel mode.I now have four stories written and decide they suck.I was ready to throw them out and start over,until my wise beyond her years daughter,Mali picked one up and said."Mom,let me read it like I would read it to Azalynn(my incredibly awesome 4 yr old granddaughter).
  I cried. The story wasn't awful.It was actually good.She turned and looked at me and said."Mom you read the story like a writer.I read the story as a parent reading to her child.
  Needless to say,Scrumble,Bluster, Blargle, Phillip,Teddy, and Becky's adventures will be told and I hope enjoyed by many for years to come. DREAM AS THOUGH THE DREAM WILL COME TRUE.

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