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Saturday, October 23, 2010


      I am sixty-five years old.I have no idea how that happened,but there it is.I am not senile but I am forgetful.Now in all honesty,I have always been forgetful. I remember things that are important to me,who I am,who my family and friends are.Where I was born,my childhood,everywhere I have ever lived,my traumatic school years,disappointing marriages,birth of my children,trips,and an astounding amount of pleasant and unpleasant memories.So why would anyone think I am senile just because I don't always remember who said what,what was discussed in conversations and information I am given concerning future appointments and events.
     I do not remember dates of appointments,balance in the bank,anything to do with numbers just does not stick in my head.My memory cells seem to reject numbers.  I know why,but it doesn't make explaining to people any easier or make them less skeptic.
   I was in my thirties when I was injured on the job and sent for a evaluation at a rehabilitation center. they tested for memory recall,IQ test and various other tests. At the end of the interview the man administering the tests,asked me if I minded performing several additional tests. I said I didn't mind and we proceeded.When we were done,he asked me if I had ever been told I was dyslexic.I laughed and said I had no problems reading
   I was reading,knew my colors, alphabet, and numbers by the age of four. He chuckled and told me there were many different types of dyslexia. Mine concerned numbers.I was dyslexic with numbers. he told me I would be considered to have a learning disability in math.Now that didn't change anything in my life,except help me understand why I had so much trouble when it involved math.I can do simple math,add subtract,divide,multiply on paper Almost nothing involving numbers sticks in my head,except simple addition and multiplication,such as 2+2=four,2x10=20 and that is about it. Most things I have to see on paper.Algebra,reading problems,etc. hopeless.Don't compute and won't stick in my head.Might as well be looking at Russian or Greek.

Well,I least I knew the reason for my lack of math skills. didn't help me to be better at math,but at least I had a reason why.So I continue to write down anything that concerns numbers and function fairly well.Now if  someone could tell me why I can not figure out how to navigate around Windows 7,attach a document to my hotmail, put a document in RFT format or the majority of other computer related tasks, I would be most grateful.I read the manuals but obviously I have a learning disability in Geek.

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