Writers aren't exactly people, they're a lot of people trying to be one person. F.Scott Fitzgerald

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Strange day!

      The day started off much as it does everyday.I woke up to sunshine and voices of my daughter getting my grandaughter ready for school.Happy voices, as Azalynn loves to go to school.However, October the thirteenth turned out to be a very strange day indeed! Mali, my medically retired Marine( there is no such thing as an ex-marine,I'm told,is also going to school.I'm not quite sure if she loves it or not.
      My son-in-law works a week on and week off schedule as a helicopter mechanic in Louisiana,where we are presently residing.Until the next move.i just go with the flow.That happens when one retires early for medical reasons and moves in with their adult children.But,I digress.
For reasons known only to the goblins living in my laptop,they have decided to play mind games with me. I cannot access my hotmail account. I received a phone call from a local pharmacy(one that I don't use to refill my medications)and when I tried to call them back I got a fax machine.
     I ate a bit of breakfast and tried my hotmail again.logged on and read a few of my 54 emails. then answered a few. left my desk to tell my son-in-law  goodbye and returned to my desk.Switched over to my gmail and got rid of a slew of ads for purchases for Viagra. Now my name is Pam,does that sound even remotely like a guys's name.well,maybe they think I have a husband in need of a boost.I wish!
    Now,I realize all of these things are just part of life's little aggravations,or at least I am telling myself this as I wander through the house after I cannot access my hotmail account again.Site says try again later.Won't even let me sign in again.I tried to send my entry into a writing contest and can't attach the first ten pages.I've been doing this successfully for a while now,but not today.I need my hotmail,which I can't access to send it.
   I need to drive to Walmart to pick up my medication;however,I'm not sure I want to drive a car or leave the house at this point.Maybe I'll wait until tomorrow.Could I have awakened the gremlin and goblins when I clicked on Halloween  for my computer theme? Perhaps. I may never know,since I'm not sure I want to go near my laptop at this point.I'll wait and let my son-in-law,Josh, check it out first. He's a computer whiz. Besides, he's bigger and stronger.

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