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Friday, October 1, 2010

We are mostly moved in!

        All of the unpacked boxes are sitting under the back porch,except for the ones scattered around the house waiting for someone to gather enough energy to unpack them. For the most part,they are not labeled with their contents,due to the mad rush to pack and leave Anchorage within a few days.
       Hopefully, we will find the energy to tackle those boxes in a few days.I sincerely hope,we are done with moving for a very long time. Twenty-five moves in my 65 yrs, is quite enough thank you.
       I certainly never consciously,planned to move so much. I don't think of myself as a nomad. I am more like a large tortoise,carrying my home around with me. Maybe I need to be living in an RV parked in the backyard. I could stay here and there,and move with everything intact when I needed or wanted to.
      I could still live with the kids,sort of, and be available to watch my granddaughter,babysit the house and animals when they go out of town,and give them more privacy.It just might work!
Well,for now I am just happy to be living with them,but the RV idea is certainly something to think about.

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