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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Firefly. Why was it cancelled?

Recently I discovered this series. Basically it is a buddy movie,space western. What makes it excellent is the interplay  between the misfit crew.Premise, post apocalyptic war for freedom. Earth pretty much destroyed. Rebels in space ship travel to different worlds stealing, smuggling, and fighting everyone else. It has horses, cowboys,stolen cattle, six shooters, futuristic weapons,nasty bad guys,pretty women,hunky guys, a gorgeous courtesan, and occasionally nudity.What's not to like? Apparently not enough people agree with me that it was a great show. I've read the various reasons why it did not survive and I expect they are partially correct. It seems the network, itself,set the series up for failure. Shame on them. I think Josh Whedon is a genius. The show was great entertainment and I'm glad I had the opportunity to watch. 

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