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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Differences in How Men and Women Communicate?

         I will be the first to confess I often fail at communication.My computer,cell phone....well let's just say I am technology challenged. I am the first to admit,technology is wonderful and just a mishmash of psychobabble to me. I read the instructions or play the little videos to no avail. I get lost about the third word in. Oh I can perform certain functions on my laptop unless they deviate by an nth degree,then I am lost again.
        My friend Mark,(whom I call Markster the Computer God and Master of weirdly strange but interesting movies and bits of knowledge), and I were talking about woodcarving( which I am really good at when I have a place to set up my carving tools,Dremel, Foredom Pro model and my dustbox today and we just weren't communicating well at all.
        We changed the subject to E-Bay purchases,then ordering items on Amazon and continued to have a bit of a problem.I decided it was best to agree to disagree and change the  subject.
Then I really thought about what we had each said and realized what was actually happening.
Mark with all his masculine,well intended help was trying to solve any problems I was having re ordering and setting up a place to carve without really knowing what the problems were.
        This is far from a fault.It is what MEN do! They are genetically programmed to fix problems. Especially if it involves a female having a problem.
       Now women fix problems too and we communicate our needs and desires really well to men and other women. What we do much of the time is tell the man we don't want them to fix a particular problem, we just need to awfulize,bitch,complain and maybe shed a few tears of frustration.
       WE WANT OUR MAN or even our male friend to LISTEN and nod agreement or shake their head at the frustration we are venting at the appropriate moments.

      Woman tend to understand when to help fix a problem and when to just listen with great sympathy and understanding.Men want to offer ways to fix the problem and make us happy. Do they do this with other men or just us? I guess I'll have to do more research on this question and find out.Stay tuned for the next Blog about that very interesting question. Meanwhile you ladies might give a the poor men a clue which mode you are in.
    After all they mean well and we love them. Remember,they are just men and rarely have a clue what we want at any given time unless we give them a clue or spell it out to them.

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