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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Giving up vs Giving in.

       I started to rant and rave about the Social Security system,the Federal Governments so called aide programs and the Texas Health and Human Services Department and the nearly impossible task to get anything done in a timely manner and the forms one must fill out to ascertain whether you qualify for certain benefits or not.Apparently being homeless,retired, and medically disabled doesn't necessarily qualify one for many of the benefits. Then I realized, how silly of  me, as a reasonably intelligent human being, to expect things to proceed in a logical order. Forms that asks questions that can be answered  accurately,telephone numbers to reach the place in order to make an appointment to see the person you are assigned to and to  have a way to communicate with the agency who is determining what one qualifies for and what one does not.
     Expecting anything having to do with any government or state agency to  make sense was my first mistake.the second was to expect the courtesy of someone returning repeated phone calls,messages left on answering machines,etc. was my second mistake.
    Being a nurse for thirty years, I wonder how the powers that be would have felt if I had not delivered their pain medication on time or ignored the flashing of their emergency call light.Would the government and state agencies have anymore compassion for those in need if they had to walk a mile in our shoes,better yet live a year in our shoes and experience the frustration and embarrassment of needing to ask for help to begin with.
  Well,that being said,I suppose,things will go on the same way as they have without any significant improvements or changes in the system. Oh but what an outcry there would be if the public actually banded together and demanded changes in the laws,reforms in the systems,etc.
   What if we reduced the salaries of the politicians and elected officials and put that money into the Social Security coffers and the state and government agencies that were originally formed to help people get on their feet, find jobs, be able to find good housing,etc.
   If the people stuck together,oh what a roar we would make and what changes for the betterment of every American we could establish. Ahhh well,I can dream can't I.

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