Writers aren't exactly people, they're a lot of people trying to be one person. F.Scott Fitzgerald

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Why my blog story"Evolution of Monsters" has been deleted and Muses!

         Writers can be a naive, trusting bunch. When someone asks,what are you working on,most of us tend to enthusiastically describe our latest work in progress. Writing can be a lonely job. Most of the time we sit and write in our favorite secluded area.It's just the writer and the empty space in front of them waiting to be filled with wonderful,exciting,sad ,romantic,horror filled,mysterious,inspiring words. All too often everything we have written in the heat of  inspiration,when re-read during the cold light of day turns out to be crap and is deleted.
       Periodically we turn from our isolation long enough to consume some form of nourishment,go to the bathroom and occasionally doze off. We might even check the voice mail messages on our phone.Doesn't mean we will answer them though.
       Our family members, if we still have a family,will pop in now and then to make sure we are still alive. They have learned not to say much,even if our eyes are closed and drool has dripped down our chin and pooled on the desk,because we will invariably comment in a raspy voice,that we were thinking or allowing our muses to communicate with us. most have resorted to sticky notes on the outside of the door. The braver ones  actually open the door and stick the notes the inside surface.
       Many creative types,Artists, Writers,Actors,etc. believe very strongly in muses.That leads me to discuss  my firm belief in Muses. Most of my writer friends tell they have a muse. I confess that I have a trio,consisting of a dead ringer for Kathryn Hepburn, another female who strongly resembles Audrey Hepburn, and a drop dead gorgeous male( Think  a young Sean Connery,Harrison Ford,Elvis Presley,Tom Cruise,Matthew MacFadyen all combined in an athletic six foot four body. He can be very sarcastic, tender, flirtatious or a typical bad boy male depending on his mood at the time.I tend to forgive his frequent outrageous behavior when he turns those cobalt blue eyes on me and grins.Kathy and Audrey complain, then  disappear and sulk for days
       Muses can be helpful, soothing ,inspiring or just plain annoying.  At the moment, Fey creatures that they are, mine have departed for a three week vacation in Ireland.They know my dream is to go to Ireland,maybe even move there someday. I think they are being deliberately cruel,because they did not invite me to go with them. Maybe they needed a vacation from me.That being said I will  return to my current work in progress and attempt to write only brilliant, breathtaking,dramatic words that will catch a readers eyes and have them clamoring for my next book. Well at least,after I catch an agents attention and get the book published.
     Bye for now and I hope you continue to read my blog. Uh Oh,sounds like my muses are back and I think they are drunk. I hope they at least brought me a bottle of Guinness extra stout!

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