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Monday, July 18, 2011


Well President Obama dropped the bombshell that the Social Security system is in danger of having no money to pay all of the PEOPLE WHO HAVE WORKED ALL OF THEIR LIVES AND PAID IN MILLIONS OF DOLLARS expecting to have that money to live on when they retire!
I say reduce the salaries of all of the elected officials who are supposed to be handling things for the people who elected them,reduce the salaries of the president,tighten the budget spending for the military contracts and bring all of our military personnel home.The military have contracts with companies to buy equipment and pay exorbitant prices.one such contract was to purchase hammers.The military paid $100.00 a piece for hammers. They could have bought the exact same hammer at Wal-Mart for 5.00 each.
Stop foreign aide to countries who then buy weapons from us to sell to other countries who use them to kill our soldiers and plan terrorist attacks.
If our elected officials can't run the country in an efficient manner then we as voters have to accept the responsibility that WE elected them either by not voting or by uninformed voting!
it is our responsibility as Americans to see that our country is returned to the powerful nation that it once was.Gone are the days of trusting that the elected officials will make good on their campaign promises if they ever existed in the first place.
Gone are the days when we could spend millions helping other countries take care of them selves.
It is said "No Man Is An Island"and "We are our brothers keeper". I believe those words,but I do know there comes a time when reason and responsibility has to rear it's head. American was a great nation and can be again.But first and foremost we have to take care of our own citizens before we can help others.

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