Writers aren't exactly people, they're a lot of people trying to be one person. F.Scott Fitzgerald

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Well here I am at last,all moved into my new apartment and only a few minor glitches with internet and cable.I had help from friends moving most of the stuff from storage unit to apartment in this torrid Texas weather. My youngest daughter brought all of my stuff from various storage units and put all of it into one centrally located unit close to where I was temporarily staying.
I love my apartment.it is in a great location for me,affordable if I am careful,and the entire complex is for seniors,55 and up.It is not a retirement home, just a lovely complex for seniors,with all the amenities I could ask for.
I can't say this was an easy move but it wasn't the most difficult either. So all in all it wasn't too bad and hopefully any hard feelings will smooth over with time,but if not,we will all deal with our feelings in our own way.
As my grandmother used to say,"They have the same drawers to get glad in!"I will add,it is their choice and mine and I will have to let it go for my own piece of mind.
Sometimes I think all important conversations should be recorded for future reference.it would certainly lessen misunderstandings and the" you said ,I said," disagreements.
Well it is over and I truly hope this is my last move,unless I meet a drop dead gorgeous,wealthy, Matthew Macfadyen look alike and we fall madly in love and move to a farm in England,Ireland, Scotland or somewhere in the U.S.,sigh!Or maybe I'll find an agent who loves my writing, wants me for a client, and finds a publisher who loves my novels and wants to publish all of my manuscripts.
Hey,might as well dream big if you are going to dream.Dreams can and do come true.

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