Writers aren't exactly people, they're a lot of people trying to be one person. F.Scott Fitzgerald

Monday, July 25, 2011


Well, I have found myself in the unusual situation of finding myself unable to write any new words in any of my manuscripts. I sat my butt in my new computer chair,in my cozy little office area, in my lovely new apartment and stared at the computer screen of an unknown length of time.
I finally sneaked away with my metaphorical tail tucked between my legs and watched my, " Little Dorrit" and" Pride and Prejudice" Dvds.Even Matthew Macfadyen's gorgeous presence didn't inspire me to write,but it did make me forget I was not writing for an hour or two.
Well here I am siting at my desk two weeks later and I still haven't written any new words in any of my current WIP's. But I am writing this new post on my blog and it's more productive than staring at a blank page on my blank laptop screen.I don't have the heart or the courage to click on the icons to open any of my manuscripts. Even the icons for my different works in progress stare at me accusingly from their designated spots on the screen and send me into a guilt trip over my non-productivity!
Is this writer's block or shell shock from all the drama surrounding me the last few months?I think it is a bit of both.
Today feels different though. I can feel my muses discussing the situation and I think they are discontinuing their holiday in Ireland and heading back to me. Finally,I can see the light at the end of the long black tunnel and hopefully it isn't an express train hurtling toward me.
What was that? Did I just catch a whiff of the stench of negativity? Why, I do believe I did and it has no place in my life right now.I am in my new home,I will have money coming in to pay all my bills and I will survive and land on my feet as I always have. This too shall pass! After all,Tomorrow is another day and as God is my witness I will never go hungry again!"You can talk about it or you can make things happen! Put up or shut up! The day is always darkest before the storm,but there will be a rainbow afterward. The sun will come up tomorrow and tomorrow will be a better day.Negative thoughts attract negativity in your life.Think positive!
Okay,Okay! I got a little carried away but the message is that I will survive and things will get better. I know I can write.I know I can tell an interesting story. I know I can weather a storm and come through it.I know life is a roller coaster ride and there has to be ups and downs.I have survived all that life has tossed at me for sixty six years and I plan to survive and call good things to me for as long as my allotted time allows.
So my fellow writers,my friends and readers. Hold your head up high and know that you are not alone in this crazy carnival ride we call life.There are millions who are holding on to the handlebar and feeling the exhilaration of the breathtaking ride.

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Jill James said...

Pamela, love all your positive thoughts. Just keep thinking them and tell yourself. I know how to write. I've written before. I will write again.