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Thursday, July 28, 2011


Sitting here trying to make my money stretch to pay all my bills and realized it is a futile attempt.At one point at the height of frustration at the impossibility of my task i paused to ponder an off asked question by myself and I am sure many others. "Why wasn't I born rich instead of beautiful?"Then it hit me that I was neither.Oh I'm not ugly and look tolerably well for an overweight sixty- six year old lady.
I was born to middle class parents in the mid 40's when you actually had a middle class.My mother wanted a better life and chose to go to work as a secretary for a self- made millionaire who was at the end of a long marriage. Well things progressed between them and they more or less began to see each other after hours.eventually my mother and I moved in with him and we were happy for many years.I had my first taste of wealth and privilege and I loved it.
Now I am no stranger to hard work and farm life is not easy,but I loved every minute of it. This was the life I had always wanted.Cattle,horses,farm/ranch life was a realization of all my dreams and I treasure every minute I spent on our farm and with my stepfather.he was my hero and still is.Oh he had his faults but I accepted the good with the not so good and never looked back.

Today I sit in my lovely apartment and look back at the stupid choices I have made in my life that took me away from the life and people I loved.Now don't get me wrong,I have had a great life filled with highs and lows and have some spectacular memories.some good and some not so good.Would I go back and change things if I was given a do over. My first instinct is to say absolutely I would in a heartbeat!

Then I revisit my memories and review my life and I am not so sure.If I could have a do over and be aware of everything I had already experienced,pick the age to begin the do over,then I honestly think I would take the chance.
So all in all the bottom line answer is yes I would take the chance and go for the do over.

What would you do if you were given the chance for a do over?Would you chance it?

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Savannah said...

Hi Pam,

Thought-provoking post! I guess I really like who I am today. The good and bad experiences in my past have made me who I am, so I'd have to go with no do-over for me.

Also, I've got an award for you on my blog today so stop by when you get a chance :)