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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Burying the Past.

        My friend Mark,frequently says something that triggers an idea for a post on this blog.Today was no different. He called me into his studio(I am invading their home for a couple of months while I get my life back on track) to watch a show on gardening.This episode was titled,Burying the Past.or maybe that was the name of the show.Today the host had a gardening expert as her guest.Sounds rather mundane,does it not?
      While she is discussing burying the past,the guest begins to drift off,obviously having some disturbing memories. He begins to reminisce about his wartime experiences and his deceased wife.The hostess drags her attention away from herself  long enought to try and convince her guest to talk about what has him upset.
She even calls him a grumpyRumplstilskin. Now on the surface this doesn't sound amusing.Trust me,it is!
      The over the top,perky,self absorbed,hostess,encourages him,cajoles him,into talking and reluctantly he gives in and begins  to reminisce about his wartime experiences and his deceased wife. Perky hostess interups him to bring the focus back on her and her past show,MALLS.
     Then back to guest,who continues to reveal his wartime trauma,siting number of casualties as (I think 18 and 1/2).How in the devil do you have half of a casualty?Was the poor man,only half dead?Did he lose only half of a body part? What?
    Hostess is oblivious and focused on bringing the attention back to her.she continues to be clueless and annoyingly perky. Guest continues to be morose.

   Finally he changes his focus and talks about the soil and fashioning a snake shape out of the dirt in his hand as he drifts away into reminiscing about his peyote experience.
   Needless to say,one had to be there,at least watching the very strange show, to appreciate the humor.I think it was all done,tongue -in-cheek.However,I'm not really sure.
   Either way,it is highly amusing and well worth watching.Mark Dowman posted the video on Facebook so check it out.Thanks again Mark,for once again showing me something really different(in a Monty Pythonesque  way) and providing me with a topic for today's and tomorrows blog.
                                            Now, Stay tuned,for something really different!
                           (Yes, I borrowed the quote from the incomparable,Monty Python.

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