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Friday, January 14, 2011

Tongue in Cheek Look at the Worst Day of Your Life?

    Now that is a question that on the surface,appears to be easy to answer.Not so fast. Think about it for a bit.Is your first day as a freshman in high school,the day you cat died,the night the boyfriend whose name you can't remember,really the worst day of your life? I didn't think so.
   Maybe for you the day you married the love of your life,who wiped out your joint bank account and  left you pregnant with triplets to run away to the islands with your best friend is the worst day of your life.
   I could agree that might be it,unless you were planning to run off with the drop dead gorgeous multibillionare whom you met while shopping at the local grocery store and who is madly and  passionately in love you and thrilled to be the real father of your triplets and who has already asked you to run away with him to his own private island after your wedding ceremony aboard his private jet.( Whew take a deep breath).
   I definitely think that would negate the former as being the worst day of your life.Of course you would also be madly and passionately in love with him and have an iron clad will already made out that leaves everything to you.I'm just saying!
   Now if you  prefer, just change the words notating gender to the appropriate gender for which ever you prefer and realize the worst day of your life,so far, can be the best day of another persons life. It's all in how an event affects each person.
   I won't expound on the worst day in my life,because it would be too hard to pick just one day and beside,do you really care what is the worst day in another persons life if it doesn't affect you.
of course you feel sorry for a fellow human being when they tell you a sad or horrendous story about the worst day of their life.
  Be honest. Don't you listen to their tale and think how glad you are it wasn't you or chomp at the bit waiting to one up them with the saga of the worst day of your life.OF COURSE YOU DO!
 Okay I'll tell you about the worst day of my life and .....no I can't do it. It would make you weep and gnash you teeth in frustration because my saga is the all time champion of worst days.
  So the bottom line is to allow yourself to wallow in self  pity for a selected period of time.Pick some place to sit all alone,feeling out of place, and sorry for yourself,( eating at a fancy restaurant is a good place to do that).  Now contemplate what is absolutely,without a shadow of a doubt, the worst day of your life for exactly one hour. Drink one glass of a great wine or whatever your favorite beverage is and eat a wonderful meal.
   Then go shopping and  buy something you have been wanting or call a friend and go to a great movie and smile smugly at every person you meet,knowing that your story, if you chose to tell it,would be much worse than theirs.

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