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Saturday, April 23, 2011


         Yes I admit it,I believe in the Fey! Faeries,unicorns,leprechauns,goblin,evil spirits and ghosts! Although I have never seen a Unicorn,goblin or leprechaun,I believe they do exist. First, I will explain how and where I saw a faery being. Late one evening, just at twilight, I stood gazing out of the window at the field behind my home.I purposely left the far back acreage un-mowed. I had scattered wild flower seeds over the area and planned to make it a natural garden area with mowed trails leading to circular mowed areas,each with a bench and decorative items. one area would have benches surrounding a small raised fish pond and trellises with flowering vines. Another,fruit trees and benches. Another, benches,trellises with flowering vines and a serenity area.
       At the moment,I merely hoped to see Firefly's lighting the entire area. I was very disappointed to see not one tiny blink. I sighed my disappointment and remembered the farm in the northeast section of Louisiana where I grew up seeing millions of Fireflies(AKA Lightning Bugs) every summer evening. The tiny intensely indigo  Bluebirds and the haunting calls of Whippoorwills at twilight were abundant. I had seen or heard few, if anyof these delightful creatures in this area of southeast Texas.
        I  continued to stand in the window,gazing out at the gathering darkness,sans Fireflys.Dusk turned to ink black night and I sighed and stated to head to the kitchen to fix something to eat,when a tiny light caught my eye. I pressed closer to the window,hope in my pounding heart and was startled to see a pale gold glowing light just outside the window.I watched as it flew up and down, then sideways before hovering at my eye level just outside the window as though it was perfectly aware of my presence.
      I realized,then it was much to big to be a firefly, being approximately four to six inches in length.I stood rooted to the spot my eyes never leaving the astounding glowing being.I thought about rushing out the backdoor but as I started to turn away,the creature few away from the window,darted back and  hovered for a moment. I placed my hand against the window,because it seemed like the right thing to do.The glowing shape moved closer for a moment longer then darted away.
        I gazed out of the window into the black night,a minute,maybe longer before I decide it wasn't coming back.I'm not sure why,but I spoke out loud to the dark."I just saw a faery. A real faery. Thank you for showing me magic still exits in this world." Supper forgotten for the moment, I called my youngest daughter and told her what I had seen.She agreed it was indeed a gift to me from the fey world.
                           In a later post I will discuss  my true experiences with ghosts!

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