Writers aren't exactly people, they're a lot of people trying to be one person. F.Scott Fitzgerald

Friday, April 15, 2011


     For me there is no greater pain in life than watching a loved one;whether,spouse,life partner,child,parents,best friend, experiencing emotional pain,physical pain, or both. Especially if all you can do is to stand by and offer a shoulder to cry on and words of comfort. Those are better than nothing but they can't remedy the situation and for some they don't always help.
  I would walk through the fires of hell for my family if I thought it would help and there have been times I have.
    My rational mind tells me that we all have to face unpleasant things in this life. Sometimes we have company and sometimes we are alone. That is part of living and dying. I have heard the words that state, "Ultimately we all face death alone",but that doesn't mean we have to be physically be alone.
    No one should have to face tragedy,heartbreak,loneliness,despair alone unless they choose to and sometimes we do just that. We crawl off into our cave of choice to lick our proverbial wounds. There is nothing wrong with this and can often clear the path to better understanding of how and why we got there. However;there is the chance that some people can get caught in a whirlpool of depressive thoughts and blame which can pull them so far down they can no longer see the sunshine and blue clouds in the sky above.
         They can't see any way out,think there is no help, and maybe life is just not worth living. Hopefully they feel that way only in the moment and realize there is always a helping hand as long as they have family and friends. all of us can get caught up from time to time in moments of self pity. Feeling life is just not fair. no one every said it was going to be easy or always fair,but we do have to learn to reach out and ask for help. 

     Maybe compromise and be willing to put some of the things we wanted or needed on hold for a while.I don't mean give up on a dream,but take a really close look at the dream.See if it is still as desirable as it was in the beginning or if it is time to revise that dream.Sometimes the dream needs to change.

    I  learned some of these lessons the hard way and is heartbreaking to see someone I love experiencing the same thing. All any of us can do is to be there for the people we love and catch them when they fall.
                                                         Life is all about lessons.

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