Writers aren't exactly people, they're a lot of people trying to be one person. F.Scott Fitzgerald

Sunday, April 24, 2011


        I've said this before but I think it bears repeating. Somehow,I missed the riches and worldly goods que altogether (British for line. I like to throw in a little foreign culture now and then.) Apparently I also missed the tall slender and drop dead gorgeous line and went through the short and reasonably pretty,get chubby as you age, line instead.
      Then I was in a hurry and rushed through the vivid imagination line instead of the hi-tech line located across the hall.After passing through that line I hurried over and went through the" Be a writer and suffer poverty,stress and multiple rejection letters in a profession you have to do all by yourself line.
      I was informed I only had three lines left to pick and I wished( not for the first time) for an adviser,a program of topics,a road map,anything to help me actually pick the best two lines.You guessed it, I misread the fine print above the entrance and excitedly strode through the door and emerged confident of a bright future.Little did I know I had picked awful husbands instead of awesome husband.I don't even want to discuss that.
      My last chance to turn my life from probably dismal to decidedly happy was within my grasp. I knew I had to be very careful.I saw the heading HAPPINESS over one door,over another FORTUNE and HEALTH over another.The wheels in my head turned and they sounded good to me.I emerged and was immediately sent downstairs for the gestation and birthing process.
      In no time at all I was born and grew.Eventually I realized it could have been worse ,but it certainly could have been better,if the Angel hall monitors had been more interactive with us newbies. Maybe clearer signs posted at our eye level instead of winged being eye levels and door monitors, who would ask what line you had chosen and redirected you if you were in the wrong line.I'm just saying it could have been better planned.
     All in all I don't regret most of what I ended up with. Out of my three husbands only one had no redeeming qualities. I have been healthy except for all the surgeries from work related injuries. I have been happy at times and really love and like my four children. I have been fortunate to always have a job,even if I didn't always like it. I was actually thinking along the lines of a real fortune,you know like being a multibillionaire. Not  sure I liked my 50+ year career as  a hospice RN, ranchers daughter,housewife,horsewoman,mother of four and now writer(unpublished).And I know I am totally fed up with being a technology challenged person who writes best on a laptop that she has no idea how to use the majority of the time.I asked for a do over,but I guess the memo,e-mail,repeated letters, got lost somehow or shoved in the wrong line.
     Maybe they'll let me run the sign up procedure when I get up there and have my wings.I really think I could organize the whole thing a lot better. Hey, I could keep you from making the same mistakes I did.

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