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Monday, April 4, 2011

My Review of The Graybar Hotel,and A Path Best Not Taken

       I have written 124,438 words in a little over three days in my latest novel,Evolution of Monsters and I needed a break My friend,Mark suggested I write a review of my stay a few years back, in the Graybar Hotel.I decide it might be helpful to others who are undecided about taking a vacation and contemplating staying at this five star hotel,so here goes.
      At first site was an imposing austere structure with an almost a Gothic like feel to it. I hadn't consciously intended to take the path that led me there,but there I was. It was dark,almost ten at night and I was exhausted,hungry and unable to go anywhere else at the moment.
    The concierge dressed in an impeccable blue uniform,signed me in and asked another man dressed in an equally impeccable blue uniform escorted me to my room,where I showered and dressed in the orange colored pajamas the hotel provide,even though orange was not one of my favorite colors. The food served in my room was not a gourmet meal ,but it was reasonably tasty and I was hungry. Hunger appeased,I stretched out on the firm mattress,drew the blankets over me and tried to sleep.I discovered that,though the walls seemed to be made of grey stone,sounds carried through the door.
    I awoke the next morning and was surprised to discover there was no phone,no television,radio or stationary in the room. Obviously they were just open for business or redecorating I was escorted to the dining room where I met an array of other guests.All were pleasant and welcomed me.The next few hours were spent listening to their amazing stories.Apparently none of us had intended to stay here,but a variety of  circumstances had led each of us to the door and here we were, until we could make alternate arrangements to leave.
   We were served lunch promptly at noon,and I discovered the food was filling,but it was not what I would expect a five star hotel to serve. Returning to my room,unescorted, I used the facilities and lay down to catch up on my sleep.
    An hour or so later I was awakened by another impeccably attired man and told I had a phone call  and was escorted to a room where I discussed arrangements to have someone pick me up in a few days,as I had no vehicle here.
   Those arrangements made,I joined my fellow guests in a large common area,where we watched television,played board games or read.I found the books available to be to rather juvenile in subject matter and the magazines to be grossly outdated.
 Thankfully supper was a hot dog with chili and cheese, french fries and a very welcome ice cold soft drink. I laughed and commented to the other guests that it was hard to ruin a hot dog ,fries and coke. it was a very satisfying meal and I slept better that night that the previous night.
     The next morning ,I was awakened just as the sun peeked through the window and escorted to a room where I signed a stack of papers, checked out and was escorted outside to a waiting car.
 I arrived home,undressed,took a hot bath and collapsed on my king size luxury mattress and slept twelve straight hours.I awoke and ordered pizza delivery. within the hour I was curled on the sofa,savoring my favorite pizza,sipping a glass of red wine and watching a classic movie. It was good to be home.
   So here I am,sitting at my desk and writing this review on my laptop. I am giving the Graybar Hotel,does deliver the amenities of a five star hotel. That being established,it is not a pleasing place to stay. It lacks any of the lavish accouterments of other five star hotels,such as luxurious beds,linens,large screen television with cable and phones in each room.
    The food is filling but lacks a gourmets taste or appearance. Actually, the Graybar Hotel,is the worst five star hotel I have every had the misfortune to stay in and I vowed to never be forced to stay there again .I would certainly not recommend it to anyone. The path I took to arrive there was unfortunate and will never be repeated. It is definitely a path,best not taken. I suppose you know by now what the Graybar Hotel is.

Thanks Mark*


Patricia said...

Loved this story and could really feel where I was. Isn't it really jail? or am I totally off-base here.

Owldreamer said...

Yes Patricia the Graybar Hotel was actually a jail.

Owldreamer said...

I had fun writing this tongue in cheek story.