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Friday, April 8, 2011


       Have you ever cheated? Have you ever lied about your age, calling into work claiming to be sick, told someone you had other plans because you didn't want to go out with them,given false answers on a form or written answers to test questions on your arm? A yes to any of those questions is means you cheated,no matter what the reason was. Did you feel guilty afterwards and find a way to  justify your cheating? Afterall you tell youself,it was just a little white lie,and no one was hurt.

      I wish I could say that I have told a lie of any color,never cheated,etc. However, if I said that, I would be telling a whopper and therefore cheating.

      What, you ask, precipitated this topic? I must confess,fifty years ago I cheated on a test in school because  I needed an A and I didn't study before the test.I have called in sick because I couldn't face work that day and have told many little white lies because a little white lie aren't really so terrible are they.Recently I wanted to amaze people with my expertise and I lied. I will not expound on who,when or where. Suffice it to say once you tell a lie,you start a ripple effect. Now you have to remember when you lied,what you said and to whom you lied.
    I think the more you lie the easier it gets. I will at least try and stop telling even a little white lie.  A lie is a lie,no matter what any of us tell ourselves.   Big lies,little lies,half truths,prevarications,prefabrication's,tall tales, little white lies are all LIES and a lie is a form of cheating.
   I hereby apologize to everyone,I have ever lied to. I apologize to my teachers if I cheated on a test or lied about why I didn't hand in my homework. Except for that one time in sixth grade when I am owed an apology from my teacher for being accused of lying.My dog really did eat my homework along with half of my history textbook.
    So next time you think about telling a lie or cheating,ask yourself why not just tell the truth. A lecture fro you teacher isn't really so bad. A traffic ticket for speeding is better than all the things that could happen when the cop finds out you aren't really in labor or if you are a guy,having a heart attack. if an ambulance is sent out it will cost you plenty and your insurance company probably won't pay and might go as far as cancelling your policy because they can't be sure what else you have lied about.
      I won't promise I will never be tempted to tell a lie and that I won't slip and tell a lie before I can stop myself,but I will try my very best not to.(bad form to end a sentence with a preposition).
     Maybe someone should start a Liars and Cheaters Anonymous. I wonder how many people would be willing to admit to being addicted to lying daily are even just an occasional lying binge?
 Of course this entire, tongue in cheek post is just for grins. I have never cheated or told a little white lie in my entire life.  Damn,maybe I better seriously think about forming, Liars and Cheaters Anonymous.

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