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Friday, June 17, 2011

A Blog site possessed & A Modern Horror Story!

Apparently this blog site is having some major issues.No matter what font or size print I choose it switches to the font and size it feels I actually meant to choose which varies from moment to moment. What do I have now? Seems I have been changed to... hmm..... this seems to actually be Times.I don't really have much to say,other than Apartment hunting is a major pain in the butt. Used to be (not so very long ago) You found the complex you wanted to live in,headed over for a tour,selected what you wanted,filled out paperwork and if they had the unit you wanted available you paid your money and voila you moved in.
Not so these days.You have to have either 2.5 or 3 times the cost of the monthly rent in income to even be considered and these aren't even fancy upscale apartments. These places would have been considered low to medium income apartments a few years ago.I have spent the better part of a month or more checking out apartments,filling out applications and being very disappointed with repeated rejections,not because I can't afford the monthly rent and utilities,but because I can't meet the insane income requirements.
I can certainly understand why there are so many homeless people living in shelters, and in cardboard boxes under the overpasses and in alleys.Never thought I could be amongst the homeless.I will never scoff at them again.
No one is exempt from the possibility of being homeless in this day and time!
DOO DE DOO DOO,do de doo doo!(hum to the tune of The Twilight Zone theme song.)

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