Writers aren't exactly people, they're a lot of people trying to be one person. F.Scott Fitzgerald

Sunday, June 12, 2011


        Today is Sunday.The sky is blue with a few fluffy white clouds here and there and a light breeze.It's June in Texas so it's hot!I should be writing new scenes in my latest novel,Evolution of Monsters, or editing my two finished novels and writing queries to send out to agents and publishers.I should be writing new stories in my Bedtime Stories for Children of All Ages book.  I should be writing new scenes in my fantasy novel,but obviously I'm doing none of those productive jobs.I did clean my room,make my bed,eat a pizza hot pocket for breakfast and re-arranged my computer desk for the umpteenth time.
     I know I should be writing a devastatingly witty and entertaining blog(obviously this is my rather poor attempt) for my wonderfully supportive followers.I need to go to the park,walk around and get some fresh air and exercise and feel the sun and the breeze on my face. Instead,I read and answered e-mails,checked out Facebook posts and now I am writing this to acknowledge that I am well aware of all the things I should be doing versus what I feel like doing.
  That admission being said and acknowledged, I stand my ground as the Master and Commander of my ship and I will sail her when and where I please and in this moment I intend to sail her to Wendy's for a large chocolate frosty,then join Lizzy and Mr.Darcy in a relaxing day of procrastination at Pemberly.
  Cheerio loyal followers,until we meet again!

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