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Friday, June 10, 2011


       I never asked for a battle and never expected to be challenged.However on a mild April morning the challenge was issued and I voiced my surprise to my fellow comrades and several loyal friends who had been challenged to a battle by this formidable knight who usually came out of his fortress once a year in the Spring to challenge others to a battle.Knights are known to be noble and rarely inflict serious injury unless challenged to a battle to the death or fighting during wartime. All present had dealt with this formidable enemy and knew him to be ruthless,without mercy and almost impossible to defeat.
     I am no coward but I had no known cause to do battle with this knight and chose to try mediation and appeal to the knights code of honor and plead to know the reason for this challenge and a message was sent forthwith.    A response was issued promptly and I read the charges and strongly disagreed.
Naturally,I denied the charges,requested a more reasonable resolution in the matter and waited for a response.
   The reply was terse and accusatory and I realized this knight had no desire to resolve the issue amicably or explain the complaint in a reasonable and satisfactory manner.A battle was unavoidable.

      We sparred daily in a battle style I had no familiarity with. His weapons were far superior to mine.Obviously he had unlimited resources with which to obtain armor and weapons that far outstripped mine. nevertheless I fought as bravely as I could with the weapons I had for weeks until wounded and exhausted I proposed a truce that would leave me battle scarred but alive.
     I paid dearly in time and coins to defend myself in a battle not of my making over an offense not committed by myself,but by a well meaning friend.I suppose I lost the battle,but I am fortunate that I escaped with wounds,both mental and physical, that are gradually healing and a considerably lighter coin purse.
    Fortunately for my mental and physical health, I have retired form the battleground and will not have to face this blood thirsty Knight again. I keep to my own modest castle and listen to the tales of fellow brave knights who have had to face Sir IRS every spring. I have no fond memories of the battle in which I had no wish to participate with a knight who was less than honorable.

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