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Monday, June 20, 2011


I am not ashamed or embarrassed to admit I believe in ghosts and demons or if you prefer,malevolent spirits.I am Irish,Choctaw with a bit of English mixed in.With that mixture ,how could I not believe.I still might be more dubious if I hadn't experienced encounters with ghosts and more than one evil entity.
I believe in God,I call the higher power,Great Spirit and I believe in Jesus Christ.I am a non practicing Catholic,a Christian and I follow Native American teachings and beliefs. I have no conflict within me with these religions and beliefs. I have my own personal relationship with the mix and resolve the conflicts within myself.
Now on to my encounters.The first time I saw a true ghost or presence if you are uncomfortable with the term ghost, was on a cool late fall day.I had begun woodcarving and was working out in the workshop/garage using my band-saw to cut out the rough shapes I would later carve into animals,people,dinosaurs or whatever I wanted to make and sell. I had a tingling sensation and the hairs on my arms and the back of my neck rose.I stopped and looked up and was surprised to see an elderly man walking across the yard toward me. He was wearing khaki pants and a plaid flannel shirt and looked familiar. I shut off the power and started to speak to him and ask if I could help him.
The words froze on my tongue when I realized the man was my grandfather.
I couldn't speak,couldn't move merely stood there and watched as he approached me.His faded blue eyes sparkled just as they always had. He paused and looked at my workshop and then down at the stack of wooden figures I had piled on my work table,swept over my bandsaw and other woodworking equipment then pierced me with an intent look.i couldn't speak or move merely stand there and watch as he nodded and smiled his oh so very familiar and beloved smile of approval.Nodded his head and walked past me and i watched him simply evaporate or disappear.
I don't know how long I stood there unable to move,before the spell broke and I grinned.Tears of joy spilled over and I could only stand there smiling,laughing and crying, at the incredible encounter and gift of my grandfather's visit and approval.
In his lifetime,he had been a postman and delivered mail in a horse and buggy,a calvary soldier in the first world war,and helped my grandmother run their boarding house.But his love was for carpentry.He built their first home and the second,then built the first home for my parents and several other family members. Working with wood was what he loved to do and I inherited that love from him.I believe he came back to give me his approval and encouragement to pursue what I truly loved,whether I made a lot of money or not.I will always treasure that special gift.

Now as to my other encounters they vary from feelings of discomfort or fear when walking into a home to actual sightings and physical encounters.
A Native spiritual leader and good friend,asked me and my two best friends to walk her land and clear it and tell her what we felt and saw.She had a spiritual retreat for natives and non- natives and she had held a huge spiritual ceremony, Wolf Song. Hundreds of people including many elders from all over the world had been there conducting workshops and Inipis(sweat lodge) ceremonies.
My two warriors,Lisa and Sharon and I took our sacreds bag of sage,cornmeal.and other sacred objects,surrounded ourselves with protection,asked for spiritual guidance from Great Spirit and set out.
We walked the perimeters of the entire 100 acres,crossing back and forth over all the areas where ceremonies were held,groups held talks and teachings, etc.We cleansed and smudged each section of land and finally approached the entry way into the land and were amazed at the hostile energy we could feel along the entire area along the drive and entry way.
The worst, or so we thought, was the corner where the boundary of the land began all the way to the entry gate.We could feel the anger and myriad of emotions all the people who attended brought with them and left at the gateway onto the land.All of the emotions people brought with them had manifested into a physical energy and tried to prevent us from clearing and smudging the entire entire area.
We managed to sprinkle the area with sage and call for cleansing,protective and healing energy from great Spirit,the Universe and Mother Earth. We turned our back on the entity that was trying to attack us and walked away.Thankfully it was unable to follow.

The three of us recouped our energy,said our prayers of thanks, reinforced our protection and set off to tackle several other areas,the kitchen area,showers,camping spots,dining areas,etc.

The next area I was drawn to was the mobile home,where several of the ranchies,as the live-in workers were called, stayed. We stood in front of the mobile home and began our healing ritual.Suddenly we were shoved backward by a very strong and malevolent power. If just one of us had been shoved backward,we might have chalked it up to a stumble or our imagination,but all three of us stumbled backward with the force of the unknown power at the exact same time.
We looked at each other and without a word we moved forward as a united front against this angry entity.We chanted and sang the same power song without having to tell each other what to do. Our intent was set on banishing this harmful energy/entity fro the home and the land.

I have no idea how long it took before we knew the force was gone and the area was cleansed and protected.The three warriors,for we were truly spiritual warriors that day,continued to cleanse the land,outbuildings and sacred areas until at last we were standing in front of the main house,where Thunder,her spouse,White horse, and there main staff lived.
The three of us knew we were done,for now the land was cleansed and protection set. We stood side by side in silence and watched the extraordinary sunset as the day ended.Hawks flew overhead,bird song filled the air and we could actually feel the land's sigh of contentment.
Our work here was finished and we knew we had done as we were asked and the job was successful.
We sat in the living room and told Mary Thunder all we had felt,experienced physically and emotionally, seen, and accomplished. Her gratitude and our sense of a job well done was all the payment we needed.However; we did accept the gift of iced tea and food.

Later that night, as we were driving home,I was increasingly uncomfortable and had no idea why.I chose not to express my feelings until I had more information.By the time we were back home I knew. I remember the feeling of fear and unease as I told Lisa and Sharon that I realized that they knew who and what I was now.I had revealed myself to them and would have to remain vigilant.I knew without a doubt that the last most powerful entity,energy,whatever it was now knew me and I was now an enemy and always would remain so.
To this day,I smudge the places I live and my body frequently and always try to remember to surround myself with white light and keep my protective shield around me.
I won't describe all of my personal experiences with Spirits,ghosts and strange entities and energies. I know I am an Empath, a healer and have no desire to study in an attempt to know more and become more. It has taken many years to accept what I am and my abilities. I do realize I have the potential to become more but have chosen to not go there,at least at this time.
My experiences and abilities have enabled me to help others but have cost me in energy and physical well being but those stories are for another day and another blog.
Why don't I write a book about my extraordinary experiences one may ask and I will only say that I am not sure I want to show myself to a skeptical world at this time and most important, I am not sure I want to accept who and what I am or could become.
well,enough of that.
My other experiences with entities have been benign encounters and sightings.Fortunately they were in the presence of other people. At least I have proof that I am not entirely crazy or imagining all of these encounters.

Our friend,Lisa and my youngest daughter and I experienced a fire in my home that rendered the house inhabitable.We rented a home and moved in.We loved the house and it was a magical place.Dragonflies,Butterflies,Hummingbirds seemed to love the place and we were treated to their presence in our backyard constantly.
One afternoon we were sitting in the living room talking when we saw a man dressed in a khaki uniform walk across the fenced back yard, heading around the side of the house. I asked."Did you see that man and they both said they did.There was no gate from him to enter from that the direction he had come and the three of us leaped up and hurried to the door.Lisa and I went out the back door and my daughter went out the front door. There was no sign of the man anywhere and no way for him to exit the backyard and disappear that quickly.
We went back inside and discussed what we had seen. I told them that the man looked identical to my real father who had died when I was sixteen.He was a mechanic and wore the identical khaki clothes every working day until he died. I truly believe it was my father at least it was his ghost.
The next encounter happened in the same house.My 21 yr old son was killed in a one car crash when he had a blow out on a back tire going around a curve and down a mountain on his way to California to try and break into the music video business.
A few days after his death,my friend Lisa came out of her room early one morning and said she had been awakened by a visitor sitting on the foot of her bed.Jackie had visited her because he didn't want to upset me but wanted me to know he was okay and he loved me and everything was alright.
The last sighting or visitation occurred just before we moved out.The three of us were sitting in the living room watching television and we say what appeared to be a native American man walk past the doorway that opened to the hallway leading to our bedrooms. He was walking toward Lisa's bedroom. Lisa and I jumped up and checked out her bedroom.It was empty!
We all agreed we had seen the exact same thing. The entity didn't feel threatening and we didn't feel any intent to do harm.We had merely seen what we saw and it was gone.

These types of sightings and encounters have continued for years for me and occasionally I have felt the energy,being,ghost,spirit, entity,whatever one chooses to call them has been less than friendly,but for the most part they have been protective or benign. Sometimes I know why they reveal themselves sometimes I don't.
I do know they are very real and I am not afraid of them Only rarely have I felt they are not friendly and could cause harm.

I treasure every one of my many experiences and rarely talk about them to people I don't know and trust. I have made an exception here on my blog,because I trust that my readers are getting to know me and I will say if a post is tongue in cheek or a true story.I plan to continue with posts about some of my extraordinary experiences and I have had many in my 66 years and hope to have many more. check back for my next blog on my un-nerving experience with my attempt at healing and easing my sister's cancer pain.

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