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Friday, December 10, 2010

Cloud watching

      Cloud watching is not al waste of time or a way to procrastinate from an dreaded chore or job. Many decisions can be made by freeing the mind and contemplating the formation,color,and  movement of the clouds. Are they rain clouds,potential tornado forming clouds, or heavy with snow?My favorite cloud gazing activity is finding shapes in the clouds.
     Today I sat outside and intended to find shapes and escape into fantasy worlds. What I found was insight into my life and how I arrived where I am today. I could see the decisions I have made that set me on a path and the twists and turns the path has taken until now. I have no idea what will happen next,where I will be living or what life holds for me.
                                               I do know that I am a survivor!
    I will face whatever comes,overcome or settle into it.I can make the best of hardships and grow or sink into despair.I have faced one kick in the gut after another and I'm still here. I have been given many gifts and have had many taken away. But I remain a strong,positive,loving woman. A strong warrior faces obstacles with courage. I realized in those soundless clouds is  the potential of life giving rain, destructive storms, and incredible beauty.  My message,and of course I have one today, is to go outside, look up at the clouds and see what you find. You might be surprised by where your imagination and your thoughts takes you.

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Rebecca J. Clark said...

I love watching the clouds. It's very meditative. When I'm in a good mood, watching the sky just cements the feeling. When I'm in a bad mood, cloud watching makes it just a little bit better, helps put everything into perspective.