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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Thoughts on the New Year of 2011.

       Twenty eleven is almost here. I expressed to my dear friend Mark,who is a computer genius or a  computer wizard in my opinion,that I  think I have been caught in a time warp or would that be a time warp continuum?I am not a Syfy buff,but I do watch Dr Who occasionally and never missed an episode of the original Star Trek.Yes Mark,the original is still the only Star Trek I recognize.Even with it's cheesy special effects and William Shatner's campy acting. Firefly was a great series too and ended much too soon.
     However;I did love the Stark Trek movie with the younger versions of the crew and better special effects.But I digress.
     I am caught in a 2010 Hell and hope that a worm hole will open soon and throw me into 2011. I can only hope it is a much better year. Maybe even a fantastic year.
    Fortunately, I just turned another year older. Unfortunately,I did not become a minute wiser it seems.Actually, I suppose I am a bit wiser. I now recognize when I am caught in a loop of loss and no win situations without an acceptable way out.
    This does not mean however; that I can always avoid them. Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and jump into the fray,praying you come out the other side mostly intact.that unenviable position is precisely where I am at the moment.Feet first into a fray not of my making,well I suppose I did make the initial choices that led to where I am today.
   Okay fine! I admit I did, all on my own, make the initial choices. Damn it, they seemed like the right choices at the time.Little did I know those decisions would come back like Ole Man Coyote( Native American fable about how coyote learns by making mistakes and the wrong decisions. Coyote always seems to show up when there is a major decision for me to make, then gleefully bites me in the butt.
   You would think after all the years, I would have a much smaller butt. All I have is a lot of moves to new homes( None of them mine or permanent),money worries,mind numbing stress, and a very narrow range of choices that are even remotely what I thought I would have at this time in my life. Well as long as I am alive there is hope for better time. At least I have people I love and I have been love.
   Truly all we are promise and can be certain of  in this lifetime is the breath we are taking at this second.

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