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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Pre- Christmas yard sale.

      Ahhh the excitement and sadness of a moving yard sale.Couple that with a family breaking up,two days before Christmas with limited funds for presents, stir in the elements of the fifth move in three year and having to find a temporary home for a beloved dog and the confusion and excitement of a four year old who has no idea of all the dynamics and you have the set up for a very strained Christmas.
     Forced smiles,frayed tempers and frustration flavor the atmosphere with a heavy pre-storm electricity.
Garage sales are not easy to withstand with good humor in the best of times. The circumstances surrounding our garage sale were decidedly gloomy.
   We got a really late start,all of us were tired and putting on the best faces we could.Our first customer was friendly,bought a few items and stayed to visit.By eleven am we had sold a few items and eyeing the gloomy, very chilly, weather. Will post more on our epic garage sale at the end of the day.

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