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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Weather and Moods

       Everyone knows the weather can affect a persons mood. Sunshine can lift spirits and calm agitation.Fall weather affect many with wanderlust and some with feelings of hearth and home,cozy fires burning brightly in fireplaces,the scent of burning leaves and fragrant hearty soups and stews elicit memories of home for many people.
      The farmers have their crops harvested and fields plowed and waiting for spring. Ranchers are ready for winter.Last minute checks on hay bales in pastures,cattle in the correct pastures,stalls for the horses clean and spread with clean bedding. Blankets for the prize stock waiting in the tack rooms
      This is a time of relaxing before the long cold days of winter, bone chilling winds and sleet and snow begin. The trek to the barn,stables or pastures become a decidedly harsher task.But,there is also a sense of accomplishment in their ongoing battle and partnership with Mother Nature that rural folks have that city dwellers and those who don't live off the land don't feel and may not understand.
     Rural folks may curse Mother Nature but most wouldn't change what they do and where they live. Living off the land toughens a person,gives them untold rewards and numerous heartaches.City dwellers experience the same, just in a different way.
     What does this have to do with moods? Think about it.How do you feel on a warm spring day?Or a dreary winter day vs a winters day with soft white snowflakes covering the bleak concrete or dry brown grass. On Spring days do you feel euphoric and full of energy and the need to play hooky from work and play in the sun? Or ready to plow the fields for new crops and delighting in the newest crop of babies? Even a spring rain awakens the childish thoughts of splashing in puddles and dancing in the warm rain. Weather affects our moods,sometimes in a positive way and unfortunately sometimes brings thoughts of loneliness and despair.
     Either way,negatively or positively, our moods definitely change with the weather.

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Lunadude said...

I get ups and downs with weather, but not as much as I hear people talk about. Not something I've ever sat and focused on.