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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Yard Sale and Second Hand Gifts

       Well it wasn't a complete waste of time.We made sixty dollars to split three ways.Operative word being COMPLETE. Day continued cool and cloudy.People came and looked, some friendly,some surly. No big ticket items sold,but we didn't have as much as we thought we would have to sell. Maybe our heart just wasn't into having a really profitable garage sale or maybe most people were at the mall,Target,Wal-Mart,etc, frantically buying last minute gifts. No desire to drive around to see what else be out there and take a chance on losing out on a new and shiny item. I guess second hand stuff as a gift sounds a bit tacky now that I think about it.
     I remember the year my husband and I were really tight on cash and  bought gifts from resale shops and pawn shops for our kids. Some only worked briefly,some were scratched and some had no instructions on how to operate. DISASTER and the worst Christmas ever,before or since.
I have bought gifts from resale shops,pawn shops,etc since that Christmas but Never,Ever,the main gifts.Lesson learned. We had good intentions,but I will never forget the disappointed faces of our children.

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Lunadude said...

Sad to learn those lessons.