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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The dead horse in the room

       There it is,THE DEAD HORSE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROOM!We all see it,but no one wants to be the first to say "Good God,there's a dead horse in the middle of the room!"Inevitably someone has to bring attention to it.Especially when the stench can no longer be ignored. Marital problems are often that horse and handled much the same way.A problem is obvious,but if ignored,maybe it will go away.
      I can say from personal experience,it won't.Acknowledging there is a problem can do one of two things.Bring attention to the problem,allowing the couple to talk about it and decide what to do to fix it or force them to realize the love is gone and it's time to part.
      Unfortunately sometimes,one partner is oblivious to the dead horse and the other is acutely aware of it.
 Couples therapy can help,but only if both partners want to commit to making changes and a lot of hard work. Both partners have to want it to work to make it happen.
      I was told by an ex,excuses,excuses,you can either make excuses or you can make it happen.
That being said,maybe things have just gone too far to make it happen,even if both partners try everything  to make it work.Some times you just can't bring the love back.When the end of the road is reached and a parting of the ways comes,it is usually the one left behind who suffers the greatest pain,but both partners are hurting.The end of a marriage is a DEATH, and a  death of dreams and hopes is painful even if it comes as a relief to one or both partners.
     Eventually the wounds heal and most move on. But scar tissue forms and can remain sensitive and painful for a very long time.Walking wounded of all ages,go about rebuilding their lives.They'll wake up and not feel guilt or pain. They will take what they learned from their mistakes, rebuild their lives and learn to trust in love again.

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